Evidence Of Evolution: Fossils

The subject of fossils is lengthy and vast, and goes back in time at least hundreds of millions of years. Fossils provide evidence of evolution in general, and evolution of the human body in particular. The 4,600 million-year history of the earth has been documented with a reasonable level of scientific accuracy, and the last several hundred million years of life on the earth have been recorded and organic fossils preserved with even greater detail and accuracy. This historical geological record clearly confirms the evolution of life and organisms on the earth.
In general, geological history and fossils are one way to prove evolution, but some critics of the theory of evolution, due to their ignorance, think that this is the strongest and only evidence for the theory.
However, the fact of the matter is that it is just one of the links that infer evolution, and it may not even be the strongest when compared with the research in genetics and comparative anatomy. Furthermore, fossils are no longer studied only by historical geologists, anatomists, and anthropologists who make conclusions that an ignorant person could question. Today, it is possible to conduct precise laboratory analysis of fossils to accurately determine the geological age, and genetic analyses of fossils that are tens of thousands of years old in order to accurately identify them.

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