Chapter 1.1 Giordano Bruno And Galileo Galilei



The messengers of heaven have always been opposed by the “men  of religion” who profit from religion in their time. “Then will people  notice this so they don’ t fall into the same trap again?![1]

Giordano Bruno And Galileo Galilei

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was an Italian philosopher. He believed that the earth spins around the sun, and be promulgated the Copernican model of the earth’: spin‘ Bruno was imprisoned by the men of religion of the Christian Church. They then cut his tongue,
tortured, and killed him for saying that the earth spins around the sun, whereas the men of the Church believed that the sun and planets spin around the earth.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was a professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa. At the start of the seventeenth century, he observed the sky with a telescope he made himself, and he discovered that the earth really does spin around the sun, but the Catholic Church saw this as just a theory incompatible with the Bible. So they prosecuted Galileo for heresy, the charge invariably brought against anyone who opposes the Church. He was imprisoned at first, and later placed under house arrest and forbidden from teaching or giving lectures. His books were banned and he died in his house, persecuted by the men of religion, the geniuses who knew everything, who knew very well that the earth does not spin, ever! Would any Christian of that time have believed that Galileo, a heretic according to the Church, knowledgeable than the Christian scholars of religion who own the magical theological equation that no one can understand, which says: God is three distinct persons, each one an absolute deity, one dispatching the others, yet they are one?! They have convinced more than a billion Christians of it, even though the falsehood of this nonsensical magical theological equation is as unmistakable as 1 + 1 = 2! So why wouldn’t they be able to convince the Christians for hundreds of years that the claim of a very insignificant heretic: like Galileo—who says that the earth spins—is false as well?!

In the end, the Church officially apologized to Galileo, but this was hundreds of years after his death, and only after the earth’: spin became a fact known to everyone. So before its followers deserted it, the Church finally became convinced, albeit unwillingly, that the earth SPINS.

In the twentieth century, the Catholic Church apologized to Galileo, and acquitted him of his great crime, the crime of saying: “Indeed, the earth spins.”

Nearly four centuries later, after all is said and done, Galileo is a criminal acquitted of his crime: saying that the earth spins around the sun! Today he is no longer a heretic, and according to the Church, his statements are no longer heretical So Giordano Bruno was killed for speaking the truth, therefore, the Church is a murderer that sheds innocent blood The inevitable conclusion is that the statements of the Church that contradicted Galileo’s are the real heresy. So in reality, it is actually the Church that has been the heretic for nearly four centuries‘

The question to the Christians of the world today is this, is it possible that your Church is also being heretical as far as the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father, and the notion that they are three persons, especially given that there were Christians who objected to it? And is it possible that one day you will discover that Saint Arius, deemed a heretic by the Church for denying the absolute divinity of Jesus Christ, wasn’t really a heretic? Will it become unmistakable to you that it is the Church that fought against Arius that is actually the heretic, just as it was with Bruno and Galileo!

I fear that day might arrive far too late to fix this, or to even have a chance to fix it. Shouldn’t each Christian search for the truth while he still lives? Search for yourself instead of following the opinion of the Church, proven by its own admission to have been the heretic in the case of Galileo for almost four centuries.

And like a shepherd who takes his sheep out to graze at sunset when the other shepherds have already returned, in the prominent Wahhabi scholars of the second half of the twentieth century we find an extraordinary story that recalls the lesson of Galileo. I doubt they knew anything about him, for if they had, they would have accused him of being the greatest idol worshiper for saying that the earth spins, thus contradicting them. Their story is told through a brief sum- may of religious rulings that reflect complete ignorance: despite man going up to the moon in the twentieth century, and astronauts returning with images of a spinning earth, to the Wahhabi scholars it was clear, the earth doesn’t spin, ever!

Their religious rulings are as follows:

A question for Muhammad Ibn Uthaymeen [2]:

May God bless you. This is a question from listener Ibtissam Muhammad Ahmed who is from AlAnbar Iraq. She asks,What is the meaning of Gods words: (And you see the mountains, thinking them rigid, while they will pass as the passing of clouds. [It is] the work of God, who perfected all things [Quran ChapterThe Ant 27:88]. Is this verse evidence of earths spin?”

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen response:  .. we say that the theory of night and day alternating due to the earth spinning on the sun is in valid because it contradicts the literal meaning of the Quran. . . More over, it is proven that the Prophet [Muhammad] pbuh said to Abu Thar (may God be pleased with him) at sunset:Do you know where the sun goes?” Abu Thar said,God and His Messenger know best.” He said,It goes and prostrates beneath the Throne. This narration gives the proof that it is the one that moves around the earth because of the words:Do you know where the sun goes?”

In addition to that he said in the mentioned account:That is if it is given permission. If it is not, then it will be told,Return to wherever you want so it will rise from its setting place.” This is evidence that the sun is the one spinning (turning) around the earth. And this is what every believer must believe according to the literal meaning of the words of their All Knowing Lord, without considering these rotten theories that time will turn on and bury,just as it buried other worn-out theories. This is what we believe regarding this matter . What is important regarding this matter is that we must believe that the sun spins on the earth, and that the alternation of night and day is not caused by the earths spin, but rather it is brought about by the sun spinning around the earth instead ( 2004. Arabic source translated] .

Look at Ibn Uthaymeen in the twentieth century saying that the earth spinning, or turning, around the sun is just a rotten theory that time will turn on and bury but in the end, time turned on Ibn Uthaymeen, rotted and buried him. Today, everyone except the unfortunate ones exploited by Ibn Uthaymeen and the likes of him knows that the each spins around the sun. Sadly though, some of them have studied physics, and they still believe that the earth does not spin!

Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baz [3] said the same thing that Ibn Uthaymeen said:

I also confirmed the article with some quotes from the scholar Ibn Al Qayyim (may Allah [God] be Merciful to him) that give evidence to prove that the earth is round. As for the spinning of the earth, I have denied this and explained the evidence that confirm its falsehood, but I did not declare those who believe that it does to be Kafers [disbelievers] but I do so for those who say that the sun is static and does not move. This is because saying so contradicts the explicit texts in the Quran and the authentic Sunnah, which confirms that the sun and the moon run on their courses ( 1977).

It is clear that by saying the sun spins, Ibn Baz is trying to say that it spins around the earth like the moon does, as he believes the each is fixed and doesn’t spin. Thus, there is no way for night and day to occur unless the sun were to spin around the earth.

Whoever follows these people and shares their beliefs should re consider. They said the theory that the earth spins around the sun is rotten, but it has now been made clear for you that it is their statements and beliefs that are rotten. So won’t you reconsider before its too late? Perhaps their statement about the vicegerency of God on His earth after Muhammad (the Messenger of God pbuhap) being false, is just like their statement that the earth doesn’t spin around the sun. The earth that Ibn Uthaymeen, Ibn Baz, and all the Wahhabi scholars have said doesn’t turn, turns. Beware, for on the Day of Resurrection, regret no longer benefits, and you might discover that the vicegerency of God on His earth after the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap is true, and that what Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Baz said about it is false, just like how they got it backwards when they said the sun spins around the earth:

What is important regarding this matter is that we must believe that the sun spins on the earth, and that the alternation of night and day is not caused by the earths spin but rather it is brought about by the sun spinning around the earth instead.

As for those of you who follow people like them, may God reform your condition. Beware, perhaps they have presented religion backwards for you as well, just as they did with the earth and the sun.

Here, I will conclude the discussion of Galileo, the earth spin, and the Christian and Wahhabi men of religion. I simply ask the reader to keep this lesson in mind when we discuss their opinion of evolution.

[1] ‘It is said that the astronomer Bertrand Russell was giving a lecture about how the earth spins around the sun. An old lady stood, walked up to him and said, ‘ you are saying is nonsense. .. earth is actually supported on the hack of a turtle.” He asked. ‘And what is the turtle standing on?‘ Mocking his way of thinking, she said. ‘You’re a clever young man, but it’s turtles all the way down!’

This old lady and others like her do not come up with ‘turtles’ on their own—they get them from the men of religion of their time. The turtles of these men are actually quite numerous. They are all the way down every path, turtles set up for whoever doesn’t want tn correctly employ their mind to know the truth, the truth as it is, rather than as it was inherited from their forefathers, or conveyed to them by the men of religion throughout time. In the first chapter, we will examine some of the turtles that these men of religion have sold us and continue to sell in a different way, or in a new disguise.

[2] Muhammad Ibn Uthaymeen (1925-2001) was a Saudi Arabian Sunni scholar. He received his Islamic education from Sunni scholars and became a teacher at various religious institutions. He was considered a conservative and a prominent leader of the Salafi movement.

[3]  Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baz (1910-1999) was a Saudi Arabian Sunni scholar and a leading proponent of the Salafi form of Islam. He also received his Islamic education from Sunni Islamic scholars.


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