Is science really a refutation of God’s existence? Are these two concepts contradicting each other by nature?

How Evolution, as a purposeful law, is (surprisingly) a strong ally in proving God’s existence?

If Adam is not only a biblical figure, but the first historical human being on Earth, then who was he? Where did he come from? Who were his parents? When and where did he live?

When and where did Noah’s flood happen? Did it cover all the planet? Was it really so that all the living species on Earth had perished?

Where does the true and genuine Altruism belong knowing the deep selfishness of our genes? Is Altruism biologically understandable in the first place?

From where the Sumerians had gathered all their knowledge? How could we approach and explain the amazing human cultural leap which took place at their time?

Did the Big Bang occur from nothing? If not, what were the ingredients of what was going to be the birth of our universe?

Is our existence necessarily limited to this sole universe?

A Universe from Nothing, or in other words, is nothingness productive by itself only?

The Atheism Delusion

Ahmed Alhasan

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